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There are four typical goals for public relations communications: to inform, to persuade, to motivate, and to build mutual understanding.

Based on the e-Activity, explain in detail which goal or goals you think the campaign was reaching for and how the campaign tried to achieve them.There was a recent campaign by IKEA a furniture retail campaign based in Sweden. The public Relations campaign was mainly aimed at informing the public that it was not a must for a woman to go to a hospital or clinic to find out if there are pregnant. The campaign mainly targeted expectant mothers or women who thought that they were pregnant. The campaign was mainly there to help expectant mothers to plan for their baby beforehand. If the mother peed on the piece of paper and found out that she was pregnant, IKEA gave her a certain percentage discount on a baby’s crib that they were advertising. The primary goal of the campaign was to increase the number of sales that they were making in infant related furniture.

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I believe the company achieved this goal due to the number of customers that they attracted from availing a free pregnancy test for women. This little catch made many women opt to purchase furniture at the discount that IKEA advertised.Chapter 3 discusses a number of traditional and contemporary theories of communication. Choose one of these theories and explain in detail how this theory can guide a public relations campaign. Based on the e-Activity, provide at least one example of how this theory has been used in a current public relations campaign. The Agenda-setting theory of communication talks of how a particular campaign can direct people on what to think and what not to think. Take the case example of IKEA; the campaign directs people who are watching the advertisement to think of how one can be able to know if she is pregnant.

It makes the whole process easy for any expectant mother or woman who may be having any form of doubts. In addition to this, the advertisement makes viewers think about planning and preparation for the unborn child. The advertisement makes expectant mothers to think about the furniture that is needed when a child is born. Such furniture includes baby cribs and baby walkers.

The campaign finally makes viewers think about how money can be saved during the preparation of the unborn child. This thought is brought out by the introduction of huge discounts on baby furniture.David


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