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There are many different methods of communication used within a business environment. Each different form has various benefits whether it be sending a bulk email to lots of people or a phone call to one person.
Meetings or one to ones are best carried out face to face because it is the most effective way to make sure a point is understood properly. It is the most personal communication method I think. The quickest form of communication is probably a phone call. Like a meeting or one to one, it can be arranged and done quickly, meaning any important information is dealt with as soon as possible.
A less personal but quick form of communication is email, emails can be used for various different reasons, one is to be able to send out emails on a large scale to a number of clients at once. This is a very quick and easy way of getting certain information to a lot of different people at the same time without it being as time consuming as ringing single clients one after the other.


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