There rooms, about 15.00 square meters, one on

There are many great role models. One of the many is Denise Scott Brown. There weren’t many female architects but out of them all, she is my favorite. She was the second female to earn the Nod, which is a set of creative awards that recognise and celebrate outstanding work, organisations or people. She has many other accomplishments and awards. Denise worked many jobs, such as an architect and a planner.

She also has created about three structures. Denise’s structures were the Sainsbury Wing, the Allen Memorial Art Museum, and the Seattle Art Museum. The Sainsbury Wing is in London and the house is one of the world’s greatest and most visited collections of early Northern Renaissance and Italian paintings. It was bought by the government and was originally going to be expanded by William Wilkins, but he didn’t agree with the plans of the Sainsbury Wing. The expanse consisted of sixteen new rooms, about 15.00 square meters, one on both levels. It has three levels above ground and two underground, a restaurant a theater with about three hundred seats, an expanded museum shop and an interactive center.

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The Allen Art Museum is located in Oberlin, Ohio, and is recognized today as one of the five best College and University Art Museums in the United States. It is named after Dudley Peter Allen because he was a graduate of Oberlin College and later him and his wife were the museum’s principal factors. It includes paintings, photographs, decorative arts, sculpture, paints, and drawings. The Seattle Art Museum has been the center for the world’s class visual arts. It contains Ancient American, Asian, Ancient Mediterranean, Islamic, European, Oceanic, modern and contemporary art, decorative art and designs, and much more. There are also amazing Native American galleries featuring Northwest Coast Art that many new visitors like best.

Overall, Denise Scott Brown has a very creative mind, from creating buildings to writing books. Denise Scott Brown not only has created incredible buildings, but she is a writer, an educator, and a planner. She also didn’t create, plan and make the buildings herself, she had her husband, Robert Venturi, help her along the way. One of Denise’s best quotes is, “Architecture can’t force people to connect, it can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers and make the meeting places useful and attractive.” This relates a lot to her life because being a girl architect was different in the 1900s but she wanted to stand out.


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