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There are many healthcare selections that provides suitable coverage however, I decided to go with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Services Benefit Plan (11). The factors that contributed to me selecting this program me being familiarized with this program, cost efficient, extensive coverage and family friendly. When I was growing up my family and I had this coverage and it was amazing. My mom was a single parent so she could not afford anything too expensive especially when caring for 3 kids so she had to get something within her budget but also something that would cover our needs whenever we got sick and until this day I still have Blue cross and Blue Shield. The cost for this plan shows that it is 159.74 per individual and 372.32 plus you don’t have to pay an annual deductible which is really nice. I also, choose this program because it is not for just one specific group this program is welcome to everybody. The deductible for doctor’s visit is just for a co pay 30 dollars which is not bad compared to the other programs that don’t have a flat rate to pay but instead they have a certain percentage such as 15 percent or 20 percent. Also, blue shield does not require you to have referral when going to a specialist so you don’t have to spend extra money to go to a primary care physician then get referred to a specialist, you can just go to a specialist when needed. By looking at the information on the website provided there is one that could have been provided that would play a role in me selecting a healthcare program which is the cost for emergency visits to the hospitals. I’m sure a lot of families and individuals would find it very beneficial to understand and know cost of hospitalization just in case of an emergency. I have members to this day that are hesitant to go to the hospital because they are not sure the expenses. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is very popular and is one of the most common insurance providers and by having that experience from being insured by them for many years I can see why.


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