There ultimate responsibility for the outbreak of World

There are many reasons of how the Great War was caused. It is still debated by Historian who caused WWI but while there are several possible causes and all with a plausible point of view, there isn’t enough evidence to place the blame to any of them. Despite that, I’m going to be arguing why majority of the blame should be placed on Germany. As Germany wanted the spotlight in the international stage and flex its power to obtain an empire the argument, ‘Germany must bear ultimate responsibility for the outbreak of World War I’ is an interesting one.
Germany wanted more land for itself and decided to use the war to increase their border. Germany had won Prussia over France in 1871 which had given Germany more incentive to want to combine all the German states. The newly claim state had begun to rise in the industrial and economic fields. The economy grew rapidly which had a positive impact on Germany, Due to the industry, the German government had invested more into their military, which strengthen and fortified it. Thanks to Bismarck, Germany was perceived as a “satisfied power” by its rival. Except, There is a question of how well the new state work with the sudden rise of other industrial power around Europe. The leaders of Germany rivals debate if it could be a part of the European imperialistic Spectrum. Germany now needed more land except that meant that meant to invade and conquer the neighbouring countries like France and Russia which would be an issue for Germany, so when Austria-Hungary had decided an ultimatum for Serbia for the death of the Austria-Hungarian duke, Franz Ferdinand, which Serbia never official claimed to have it assassinate, Germany took this situation for its own advantage to expand it land by winning the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

Germany had been developing a strong Naval Armada throughout the 19 century and had 2.1 million trained military personnel’s ready, which made the Europeans, specifically British worried for a possible invasion. Another German incentive was to test out the capability of their army and wanted to expand their land so when the Austria-Hungary decide to wage war against Serbia, Germany decided to use the war army force to make a name for itself because they wanted to show their rivals that they weren’t weak and a force to be reckoned with. In a table, it showed even though Germany did not have the highest population, they had lots of resources and soldiers compared to other countries. This proved that Germany sought out war to show off their power and superiority against other countries.

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Germany had attacked and brought in several neutral countries into the war which at that time was against the rules of the war. Frances had prepared some well-fortified turrets on the borders between them and Germany before Germany declared war against France and Russia, so to accomplish the Schlieffen plan, they decided to invade Belgium and flanked them, but they underestimated Belgium and were held back for a couple days which gave Belgium enough time to tell France about Germans plan. German idea to march through Belgium to France had cause Britain to join the war, which had a very disastrous effect against Germany. Near the end of the war, German sent a message to the Mexican to stir trouble in America, but this backfired again because British forces intercepted the message and show America, which causes America to join the Battle which was the eventual cause the fall of Germany and its economy. Germany had caused the most death as a country supporting its own allies, Austria-Hungary. Germany had reported having 7,142,558 recorded casualties while the Allies had recorded Russia had 9,150,000 casualties, France recorded 6,160,800 and British had recorded 3,190,235. Most of these deaths were caused by the German who wanted to try out their weapons like chemical weapons against other countries when it the rules of warfare it was clearly off limit to use such weapons against mankind as it was inhumane and had an unwanted effect on the soldier.

To conclude, ‘Germany must bear ultimate responsibility for the outbreak of World War I’. As I stated before in my essay, the rise of Germany’s economic growth and army had created tension and hostility in Europe. German handle International relations thanks to Bismarck diplomatic skills and maintained a strong appearance. They made Britain fear Germany’s Naval force which incentivises Britain to keep its Naval superiority. The Germany desire to seek territorial gains was one that they were fully prepared and determined to accomplish. Finally, Germany offered to help with Austria-Hungary war which confirms the German position and eliminated any doubt that they were willing to settle for peaceful negotiations.


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