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There are many ways that US corporation can influence the government but the three major way that the corporation can influence the government are through campaign funding, lobbying and regulatory agencies because they really know how the system work, and they used the power to money to do that
Corporation spends a lot of money on political campaigns to put the politician in power in oder for the corporation to get the policies in favor. For example, if we looking back on the debate President Donald J. Trump Vs Secretary of States Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton said that President Donald J. Trump “could avoided paying income taxes for up to 18 years”. So Trump answer at a campaign rally in pueblo, colo., that he used the country’s tax law to his benefit ” as legally required” and he also said that the federal legislator passed the country’s Tax law in favor of big corporation since he is part of the people who own a big corporation so he get the benefit of it and he also said that he did not choose to not paying tax so therefore i can definitely say that money equals power because corporation spread money on campaign funding to put politician in power and power makes the law so those who in Washington are the one who uncharged to pass the law then law makes government, so now the American people can see why there is no increase on the minimum wages and why the people in Washington do not want to even pass the GUNS law that can protected millions of American who get killed by gun violence it just because the need campaign fund from the corporation in other for them to stay in power or reelected and i think that’s how the big corporation have the power to influence the government.
First the corporation hire lobbyist to influence the government to undo any type of decision on the government policies if it is not on the corporation favor. they trying to any circumstance convince our legislators, meet with them and make sure that the decision taken be on the corporation favor, their also influence the public through advertisement for example buy one get one free, in my comprehension the word free not exist in business cause the purpose of doing business is spending time and money then make profit. So they say that it just because they want you to buy two and their also want the government to think that they are on the public interest. Second the lobbyist controlling the media they know when to talk and when to not talking because they want to created impact on the society when they are talking on media. For example, when president Barack Obama was trying to pass a law about guns control their lobbyist organization stand against of the president, they said that is the violation of American right. According to the Center for Response politics which reports ” The N.R.R donate money to candidate’s and pay for expensive lobbyist and their also spent thirty million dollars supporting Trump during the presidential campaign, so they spent all that money is not because they love that country but it’s a give give situation, they spend money to put you in power in other for them to get something back in return. Another example is Obama care the lobbyist in Washington convince the legislator’s and make them appeal it so therefore the big corporation that selling insurance keep making trillion and they hire certain media to convince the population that Obama care is not on the population interest. these people do not have good ethical behavior because they know right vs wrong but they give you inverse information in other for them to create wealth for them self.
Regulatory agency is a government agency that are commonly set up to enforce safety and standard and make sure that big corporation not violate rules and regulation and also protected the consumer’s. for example, according to NRA ” FFLs stands for federal firearm License Established to implement the Federal Firearm Act of 1938, there are several types of FFLs ranging from type 1 to 11. Generally, all firearm manufactures and dealers who ship or receive gun required FFLS conduct business”. Therefore, the consumers and the dealer need to go by rules and regulations like i said at the beginning because there is several step to follow before completing the purchase, 1) have a states ID is a must. 2) you must fill out ATF form 4473 to show to the bureau of Alcohol, then the background check. These show step to do before selling a gun but i do not really understand how teen really use a fake ID to buy a gun cause i watched on CNN that a 16 years hold boy use a fake id to go to a gun shop and buying a gun and get the gun the same day so my question is why do the legislators let the lobbyist convince them to not enforce the rules and regulations on who supposed to own a gun.
In conclusion the US corporations influence the government by spending millions of dollars to put legislation in power and i think that is why there is so many problems in the us now. So if you go to Gun violence in the United States results in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries annually


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