There should put strict rules on accepting

There are roles for unemployment programs that target many groups of unemployed people.

Carol West (1994) did surveys on unemployment programs that aimed at reducing structural, cyclical, frictional, and seasonal unemployment in the US. Some programs aim to train people, preferably young adults, to match the skills that certain jobs require. John Piggot and Bruce Chapman (1995) suggested that labour market programs can be cost-effective in the means of managing the large pool of unemployment. Other countries and the US can take other moves towards reducing the unemployment rate (Ottosen and Thompson,1996). Ottosen and Thompson had suggested following the Swedish model, which jobs have nationwide, integrated database of jobs, employers, and employees. This database could reduce the time spent by workers on the unemployment role, thus reducing the unemployment rate.

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Second, unemployment agencies should put strict rules on accepting certain job requirements. Third, improvements should be done on education systems and provide training for young people in order to develop skilled workers at a young age, for example, taking part in work projects or internships.


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