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There are several great things the Ashford Library has to offer. The library is a source for information that students can utilize to assist with their assignments or research. It’s beneficial to those looking for reliable sources for their assignments. The library offers students journals, newspapers, Ebooks, videos, films and dictionaries and encyclopedias. Everything is digital here, meaning all forms of research is found online at the library.
Information is not the only thing that can be found at the Ashford Library. There is also an Online Chat available for students to ask question 24/7. They can help you find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to the resources provided. The library help & information tab is full of resources to help any student find answer to common questions, how to use the library and research guides to find library and outside resources in a subject area. Under the research tools tab there are a variety of research guides, tutorials and webinars to teach to students where to find information, how to look for information and the basics of the library.
The [email protected] search engine, you can specifically look for topics in the library database. This search will look for scholarly and popular resources for your assignment. Scholarly resources are those written by scholars and researchers of a particular field of study/topic.


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