There in everybody’s life but few of them

There are so many ups and downs in everybody’s life but few of them knows how to tackle the problems and some people are like they make themselves so helpless that they are not even able to see single path to go through for solving their life and they just see an option of committing suicide. However, suicide is not the most appropriate way to remove all the difficulties from life, a way that loved ones can help is communicating with them, listening as they share and spending quality of time with those who are facing emotionally.

Their strategies may help so that there should be no thoughts of committing suicide in the mind of any person. Suicide rates are high among the youngsters because the youngsters of this era are so egoistic that they rarely ask anybody for help which can automatically take them to the darkness of life day after day. Attempting suicide is a strategy because it only seems like the last option left when people wants to remove the whole stress of their life but there are various factors helping in declining the suicide rates.

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The audience is the loved ones of people who tries to commit suicide due to various reasons. So, the number of suicides can be decreased by loved ones in a way that they should be a good listeners like people should know how to ask about the problem by pampering the person who needs help rather than offering an advice, loved ones and family members should realise each other that they are not alone, help them by realising the harmful behaviour and realising that you cannot make them and help people realise that they are loved.Firstly, in order to help loved ones people need to learn the skills of listening According to Howell suicide is done by people because of issues related to the emotions for example anxiety, some disorders in the mood because some people are not so frank who love to share their feeling with loved ones (71). When behaviour of people changes and becomes harmful everyday then, it should be realised to them by the friends, family members or closed ones so that the steps should be taken back going towards the suicide by sharing the behaviour getting rude (Howell 71).Moreover, being a perfect listener of the problems of others can help those who may attempt suicide, as said by Howell, caring and listening can change the mind of a person (71).

Moreover, people start quit the activities which were most important to them currently and there is one biggest change takes when that is person start getting away from parents and friends as said by Justin Healey (17). So, noticing these problems by the friends or closed one can help in not ending up the life (Healey 17).Secondly, committing suicide because they feel loneliness but if they will be pampered by their family members and loved ones and they will get the support of their family, thereby automatically decreasing the number of suicides can be decreased (Dolan et al. 14). As closeness in the family is required at everybody’s home because an individual needs support of their family because everyone like to share their internal feelings with those who has a power of sharing closeness which becomes a reason of suicide at last when they do not get anybody to share feelings and burst out with suicide (Dolan et al. 58).

Family support is a major need for every person which needs time spending because when if there will be no time to spend with each other then there will be no sharing of feeling (Dolan et al 17). When family focuses on the happiness of all the other members and takes care of the feelings then no one will be able to feel loneliness which reduces the risk of suicide (Dolan et al. 17). Supportive family is the strength of a person because he or she knows that there is a supportive family in every situation, this will take away the thought of committing suicide away from people’s mind (Dolan et al.

17). In addition to this, family supports starts from the schools because so many challenges are there which a child needs to face and are impossible without the support of the family, so, if there is no support of the family it can lead to a harmful result in the future (Dolan et al. 34). Thereby, family is considered as a backbone of a person, the biggest strength, so realising the presence of the family is way which can pull people who are thinking about going to the way of suicide. Thirdly, social support is a way of protecting a person from the risk of suicide because it acts as a positive point against the reasons which take a person towards suicide as well as reduces the chances of disorders in the mind (Ali 20). Sorting out the problems is the best way to be happy in life as said by Ali because he said if problems will be shared with someone it can increase the happiness of life ( 20 ). Friends are considered as a strongest part of the life because an individual can share everything with the friends and it is in the comfort zone of some people (Ali 20). Support of the friends and listening about their problems inclines the attention of people towards suicide and many factors arises such as making them realising that they are not alone and by understanding them as well as the healthy and comfortable environment also helps a lot to express the internal fear in front of friends ( Ali 21 ).

In addition to this, providing a helpful behaviour to a mentally disturbed person can help in disclosing the facts which are in the mind of the person (Ali 21). Education is also one of the major facts that helps in declining the rates of suicide because a person who is educated rarely take such type of step, for him visiting to the counsellor will be the most important thing (Ali 21). Furthermore, there should be a way of listening problems of a person who is in stress like how individual can take out stress from somebody’s mind reduces the risk of suicide while offering advice takes a person to a different world.In the nutshell, there are many factors which forces a person to commit suicide but it’s not all about ending up the life because everything has a solution but the way is needed to be find out. So, paying attention towards somebody’s problem and finding out the solution for that problem, decreasing the loneliness by spending time and changing the behaviour of an individual which is harmful for life by realising about it are the ways in which one can help others not to commit suicide.


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