There struggling in PC market. Unfortunately, the company

There are some challenges and opportunity that Microsoft facing. First of all, Microsoft is struggling in PC market. Unfortunately, the company release of renovation Windows operating system seemed to feed into dissatisfaction with the PC rather than arousing greater interest. Windows show great interest in mobile devices. The new operating system beyond responsive because previous priced affordable touchscreen notebook more than touch monitor selection. Many users familiar with the start button so in many situation Metro-style interface has been frustration.

This may have solved some of shortcoming of its predecessor and did little to rekindle interest.Furthermore, Microsoft success in device market is unknown. The mobile version of Windows may lack the lottery to entice users from competing operating system.

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In particular, software like office loses much its appeal in the absence of a PC setup that is more conductive to productivity. Microsoft attempt to focus on both software and hardware in the mobile space may cause internal business conflicts that hamper both efforts. Instead of focusing on its software and services to cover a broad range of devices, the company may be imposing severe limitations on its own efforts by being overly provincial (Clark, 2013).


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