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There are many different types of gene therapy the first one is Germline therapy, Somatic gene therapy and inserting genes into cancer and non-functional cells.Somatic gene therapy- Somatic gene therapy is when taking a section of DNA and they place it into any cell in the body that is unable to create sperm or eggs.Germline therapy-This type of therapy is when new healthy reproductive cells are put into a person so that they can correct the genetic deformity that may cause somebody to fall ill.Gene therapy allows patients to experience a new approach to diagnose their diseases such as different forms of cancer, inherited diseases, and specific viral infections.A healthy gene is placed into a gene that is not working as well, and instead of a carrier also called a vector is genetically made to deliver the new gene.Some specific viruses are most times used as these vectors because they can send a new gene by creating an infection in the cell.

The viruses inside the cell are adjusted so that the patient will not be able to get the disease. Some doctors do this using the patient’s blood or bone marrow.The vector that is created can be inserted into the patient via an Iv line which will then be directly inserted into the tissue in the patient’s body where it is then covered by individual cells.The problem is that with a lot of diseases such as cancer whereas for some types there are not enough diagnostic tools in order to help cure these type of diseases and now with gene therapy it will allow doctors to have more diagnostic tools for the patient.

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(Social) negativeIt is said that gene therapy cause a “rise in disorders”. In most gene therapy processes a vector is used but it is not always known if the viral protein involved is being brought in a the right time. There is no reassurance that the viral enzyme involved in this step is able to bring the right genes to the host germone at the correct time.

This error may bring ver severe disorders and destroy the vector knowing that it does not actually belong to the patient. This is bad because diseases will spread and soon enough everybody will become sick and nobody will be able to be social. This is because diseases can transmit through air or even touch.”Not all clinical trials are successful”. Although gene therapy is a treatment that can be successful there is still a chance that it will not be. Gene therapy is still very experimental and it is not 100% known if gene therapy will cure a patient 100%. This is bad because then people will start gaining hope that they should not have because there will always be a chance that it wont work. This is also bad because if they have a disorder that is not cured then that person will never get cured and it will affect them and the relationships around them in a bad way.

Having Gene therapy may also cause problems in the future. Because gene therapy replicates and replaces the genes very quickly so the body could potentially reject those genes and destroy them as the body does not recognize them and the patient can be in the same position that they were in at the start of the treatment. This is bad because people get this therapy hoping that they will get a definite cure and it will have a very negative affect emotionally.They could lose relationships and even end up getting more sick due to their mindset.PositivesHaving gene therapy might be able to eliminate all disease for good.

By modifying a person’s gene makeup, that means that you are also changing the their chances of being able to develop a disease or make a disease worse especially in mothers who are carrying a child. If gene therapy is used frequently then it is possible that the gene will forget the illness and people these offsprings will be able to prevent genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis. This is good because then if the parents can be assured that they can stop their child from getting these diseases then all of these parents don’t have to worry about the effects that might come with being ill and they can be happy that their children will live a normal happy life free from pain. The rage of gene therapy treatment is quite large. There are many different types of treatments for different types of illnesses. Like antibiotics do not treat viral infections and treatment such as chemotherapy is not made to treat illnesses such as the flu.

There are many medical diagnostics that are only good with creatine types of sicknesses and that only work up to a certain extent. Now with gene therapy people of any age with any type of disease is able to benefit from this treatment. This is a positive thing because it will give people with complicated diseases such a cystic fibrosis to have a treatment to resort to that will be successful when they have no other treatment to benefit from. And if there is one treatment that is guaranteed to be successful then the number of people who fall ill will decrease which will allow people to live longer healthier lives.And it will cure the disease rather than just calm the symptoms down like a  drug would do.One last advantage to gene therapy is that it can “replace defective cells”(pros and cons of gene therapy). The weaker your immune system is the more you are by stable to different diseases. With this new therapy if you were to get a certain disease then it would be able to wipe out your cells and then replace them with better one’s.

This treatment is also very beneficial because it allows early detection of diseases. This is a good thing because if the disease is detected early then it allows the patient to be prepared for the treatment and it also allows the patient to become more cautious so they don’t get the disease again. And it is also a good thing that gene therapy can wipe out faulty genes so that the person can get healthy genes because then less people would get sick therefore less germs would be transmitted between people.Biotechnology is the utilization of different biological processes,organisms or systems to create new products with the aim of improving human life.Gene therapy is another which is used to detect and diagnose treatments such as cancer and parkinson’s disease.

It can also be used to prevent a disease from spreading. In the upcoming years gene therapy may aid doctors into treating a disorder by using a technique where they insert a gene into the patient’s cells instead of having to use any sort of drug medication or surgery. .You add new healthy cells into a patient’s body to replace missing or faulty genes.


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