“There and partisan politics. Indeed, partisan gerrymandering should

“There could be an unprecedented redistricting war, and both sides are going intoit fully armed,” says Michael Li, an attorney and electoral politics scholar (Pierce &Rabinowitz). The issue of congressional redistricting and apportionment has been at theforefront of American electoral politics since the dawn of the republic. Political scholarsin favor of gerrymandering claim that it helps lower the cost of elections, making thevoting bloc more compact and concentrated. Those against gerrymandering claim that thepractice effectively makes congressional races less competitive, less fair, andunnecessarily focused on race and partisan politics. Indeed, partisan gerrymanderingshould not be allowed as it deprives voters of their entitled right to fair, free, and openelections, which can and will lead to potentially irrevocable consequences for ourpolitical and electoral systems.Redistricting and apportionment have been


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