There are a lot of problems out

Thereare a lot of problems out there that need fixing. Some are big, andcomplicated. Others are quite small, and simple.

Tunisian youth are not playing the roles expected ofthem in public affairs, as evidenced by their complete absence from leadingparty positions, their sparse participation in voting since the revolution, andthe absence of a national youth policy that would institutionalize theirparticipation in public life and decision-making. The democratic deficitis evident through the return of Tunisian youth to a virtual space where theyfollow their dreams of democracy in constructing the “Second Republic,” arepublic of public freedom and the rule of law. These dreams are based not onsolid ground but on social media, with the youth aiming their arrows ofcriticism at public policies that have not enabled a better life for allTunisians. Unfortunately, the free youth’s retreat and lack of physicalpresence cede the arena to other forces to occupy it and to claim theyrepresent Tunisian society. This has incited me to act.

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I wanted tocontribute to the renaissance of Tunisia even at a regional scale. This is whenI decided to found the first school radio in the region with one of my 10thclass mates.  Our goal was to create an open space to students to expresstheir opinions and showcase their talents within a free environment whereambition and hard work combine to depict a good picture of Tunisia 2.0.

Many meetingswere held discussing primary the Tunisian educational system and the need toalter its basis which treated all pupils identically disregarding each one’s  individual needs and particular talents. Wewanted students to love and be proud of their country and give them apossibility to act positively. And this love is not a matter of how smart youare, or which subjects will land you in the field that has high earnings, It’srather a driven force to learn, experience and build towards your passion as anindividual. We, members of the school radio, or we, the soccer team or we thescouts, each one of us had this sense of group work and possessed a non-judgmentaland open mindset in order to connect, inspire and mobilize groups in anumerically connected but fractured country. I knew that leadership is a gamein which individual pieces have unique abilities that drive unique contributionsI believe that leadership is all about taking initiatives.

It’s about creatingopportunities for students around you to experience; it’s the ability toproject your ambitions onto others.  Itmeans going the extra mile or two, doing the right thing no matter who’slooking, staying encouraged and encouraging other even when times are hard andyou have every reason to quit because you want to act, to build and toinfluence.Obviouslyit does not take an education to contribute to one’s community, but theadditional training, education, and acquired skills from a career and a college degree can enable aperson to give back in unique ways.


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