There has been times that people have

There has been times that people have lived the “american dream”, having money, being in love, no problems, having kids, life is just great. However there is also people that suffers financially, having argument multiple times causing stress.

This is not the “american dream”. In Margaret Atwood, short story, Happy Endings, story ending B shows a couple who has trouble with trust and true love not just sex. The author explains how the man is not respectful of what the woman does for him, and the woman thinking there is another side to the man, that is much more loving and respectful. This conflict shows the true meaning of each character and connect with the title of the story.

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The author, Margaret Atwood titled the story Happy Ending, because in the end of every story the character dies. No matter how they lived their life, in the end they all die. Margaret Atwood supports this by showing the reader in the end of all the story endings the character dies, they also follow story ending A but in the end of story ending A, the character dies, portraying the true ending of life. According to Atwood, Happy Ending, story ending B, it states “She leaves a note for John.

She hopes he’ll discover her and get her to the hospital in time and repent and then they can get married, but this fails to happen and she dies. John marries Madge and everything continues as in A.” In story ending A, the author portrays the story as the “american dream”. However, in story ending B, Mary who’s the woman dies but John and another girl named Madge happened to marry each other and continue their lifestyle like in story ending A, but they will die in the end.

This is what the author means by Happy Endings, however you live your life, everyone will have the same ending which is death.


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