There is a great need to enhance

There is a great need to enhance the self-efficacy of nurses in personal and clinical domains by different strategies. The developing countries like Pakistan need to implement certain education programs in nursing institutes. Ammentorp, Sabroe, Kofoed and Mainz (2007) conducted a research to determine whether self-efficacy of nurses and medical doctors be affected if they get a training in communication skills. The research was carried out on a randomized trial. The participants were provided a 5 day communication course and the control group did not receive communication course. The questionnaires were administered to evaluate the impact of the communication course by spotting changes in doctors’ and nurses’ self-efficacy. The results depicted that participants who engaged in the communication course were observed to improve their self-efficacy for particular communication tasks (37%).It was concluded that training in communication skills can improve nurses and medical doctors’ abilities to carry out a particular communication task, which is called self-efficacy.


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