There children learn to do different things

There is a pattern to children developing, children learn to do different things for example, some children learn to crawl and then walk, and some children just walk but this is okay. This is the pattern of development for what is normally expected, this will be to do with the persons age. Children won’t run before they can sit up because the child hasn’t been through the first sequence of development yet.

Every person may go through the rate and stages of development differently for example, the walking and crawling stage, this can be done between many different months but mainly from the development chart are the things that as humans we should be doing at the ages from birth to 19 years but again this can differ depending on if the child or young person is ready, if they feel they are able to go through this stage of development and they may even be for example, in the box before their age group but can catch up later on or may be more advanced in a different group for example their physical development. If the child or young person was far enough behind for concern and not a month or so as a SENCO, we can put things into place to be able to help that child or young person to catch up on their development and use lots of encouragement to get them to where they should be again within the development chart.

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