There is also a comprehensive

There is also a comprehensive whistleblowing policy and all staff are made aware of this and that there is a 24hr telephone number to call if they have any concerns about practice in the workplace, both towards staff and young people.

The staff code of conduct is explained to all new staff and clearly states ‘You must never, abuse, neglect, harm or exploit individuals in our care, their carers or your colleagues.’ and to ‘Challenge and report dangerous, abusive, discriminatory or exploitative behaviour or practice’ and ‘Always take comments and complaints seriously, respond to them in line with agreed ways of working and inform a senior member of staff.’ Should staff witness anything of this sort they are not to ignore it and should they do so, they would be guilty as those committing inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. Further, staff who wish to make a complaint about a colleague(s), follow the company Grievance Procedure. Any staff involved in a complaint or allegation against them are not permitted to take part in any element of the investigation or decision making process.

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