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There is no doubt that many organisations have taken the route of keeping track of inventory. Therefore, stocktaking is very important in all organisation, ensuring that the physical inventory balance to the one captured on the system, CTM make use of the system application product(SAP). Organisations try to implement the most effective stock taking processes. As for organisations that are well organised it will know how to run a smooth stock take, however time management can also affect the efficiency and effectiveness of stock taking. There is a problem in Ceramic tile market (CTM) when it comes to stock taking, its always a hustle and fuss to the staff in charge of counting the stock. Staff members are never happy when it’s time for stocktaking as they feel it drains most of their energy. Despite management trying to improve the situation it seems to slightly change.

The stock take is undesired due to the time it consumes to finish counts. The counts can start from 06h00 on a Sunday, they then need to stop at 9h00 to start trading and continue with the next round at 13h00. The time schedules are not quite right since they do not close the store but instead divide the day in two sections to conduct the counts. Longer conducts of stock take can develop employees getting restless and end up recording wrong information. Other factors faced are due to stock not arranged in such a way that its easier to access the stock and conduct an efficient stock take. This can result from the warehouse not packed in the right order and due to this one can actually not find the stock to count.

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There are also issues of wrong bar coding which can lead to wrong stock counted under another items code. Wrong bar coding can also lead to wrong stock gains and losses. Suppliers can sometimes send inventory labelled wrongly, this can lead to the person in charge to capture wrong information and the manual stock wont balance to what was captured. In the current project, a proposal to examine factors that have an impact on Ceramic Tile Market (CTM) stock take.

Will make use of mostly qualitative approaches to gather all necessary information with the objective of finding a solution for the current problem at the organisation.


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