There violence and racism towards black people coming

There have been multiple occasions where judges and juries have abused their power and sent innocent people of color or multiple races to jail without further investigation within their cases. The 13th Amendment to the U.S. constitution abolished slavery and freedom to these people except those who have been punished for a crime. The Black Lives Matter movement is an activist movement originally in the black community which is opposing to the amount of violence and racism towards black people coming from the authorities part of our own criminal justice system within the United States .

Ava DuVernay’s 13th document tells the document in a historical lens that is influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement.         Ava uses this historical lens to convey her message of how black lives matter by showing how the United States criminal justice system has been the same for many years. For example, (DuVernay,2016), says that ” … person that thinks that prison is a place where bad people go and that’s that, to give them a just a primer to think more deeply about, become more educated about, just have a broader base of knowledge about the criminal justice system as it stands right now and as it has stood for many decades.” This quotation shows how the criminal justice system has been a problem for a long time against mostly blacks and other races who are being punished for crimes those in prison didn’t commit.

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Another example when Ava uses this historical lens was when (DuVernay’s,2016) says ” Premised as a historical survey that maps the genetic link between slavery and today’s prison-industrial complex, 13th explodes the mythology of black criminality, as The New Yorker’s ……at one point in the film refers to the successive and successful measures undertaken by political authorities to disempower African Americans over the last three centuries.” This explains how the historical lens leads up to this point of how blacks are seen as criminals not only now but this has been seen as a problem from Ava’s perspective for years now.           Ava DuVernay demonstrated how this historical lens is influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement in the film of the documentary also. In the film the 13th, (DuVernay, 2016) the man Michel Martin(host) speaks upon “the film makes the case that the American criminal justice system really serves as a strategy to control black and brown people-in essence, slavery by another name.” This shows how Ava is expressing her thought of how the whole criminal justice system is against blacks and colored as it always has been looke


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