There common way of surgery is the surgeon

 There are many different types of treatment for cancer patients which will depend on the type of the it and also considering how bad it is. You might only need to have one type of treatment but the most common case is by using more than one like surgery and chemotherapy or radiation therapy for example.

 To deal with it, there are several things that you must know and consider but remember that the best option is to ask a doctor about how to treat it and what treatments to take. There are Several Treatments For Cancer that You Might Need to Know :1. SurgeryIn short, surgery is a procedure to treat cancer patients by removing it from your body.

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The most common way of surgery is the surgeon will use a scalpels and other tools to cut and removes the cancer from your body.    Other ways to do surgery :l LasersThis type of surgery is often used to fight tumors. Tumor can be destroyed or become smaller with the help of Laser.  l HyperthermiaHyperthermia or usually called thermal therapy or thermotherapy is a way to fight cancer by using heat or high temperatures. High temperatures can damage or even kill the cancer cells which usually leave minimum injury.

But hyperthermia is still not yet widely available. l CryosurgeryCryosurgery which also usually called as cryotherapy. To make you easier to understand, it is simply the opposite of hyperthermia which use extreme cold instead.

The cold can be produced by using liquid nitrogen or argon gas.  Cryosurgery can deal with some cancer like retinoblastoma, actinic keratosis, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. l Photodynamic TherapyThis methods can kill cancer cells by using drugs. The drugs will react to a specific light and will kill it.

     2. ChemotherapyChemotherapy is a way of treatment which will be using drugs. It will stop or slow its growth and can also be used to shrink tumors.

 Chemotherapy usually used to:l Make tumor become smaller before doing surgery..l To destroy the remaining cancer cells that still remain after treatmentsl To help other treatment methods The drugs that will be given to you by your doctor will be different depends on :l The type of the itl How bad it isl Your history in using chemotherapyl Health problems 3. Radiation TherapyIs a type of methods of treatment by using dosage of radiation. This methods will takes several days or even weeks and the process will continue for weeks or months.  Radiation therapy works by damaging the DNA of the cancer cells which if the DNA is damaged then they will stop dividing or die, be broken down and removed from the body.

 There are two types to use this methodsl ExternalThis external type use a machine that will give radiation to a part of your body from many directions.l InternalThis internal type use a radiation which sources is put inside your body, it could be solid and also liquid, 4. Targeted TherapyTargeted Therapy is using drugs to treat the patients. The drugs is targeting some specific genes or proteins which can be found in cancer cells. There are function of the drugs which is l To stop the growth or to stop it from dividingl To shorten the life of the cellsl To kill the cells There are to types of targeted therapy :l Monoclonal antibodies :This drugs called monoclonal antibodies work by blocking some specific target which is outside of the area or in the area around the cancer to keep the target remain in the area.    Monoclonal antibodies are usually taken or given intravenously or by injection l Small molecule drugsThis drugs called small molecule drugs work by blocking the process which will prevent cancer cells from spreading or multiplying.  Small molecule drugs are usually the drugs is in the shape of pills. Usually consume daily for months or years 5.

 Stem Cell TransplantStem cell transplant or usually called as bone marrow transplant is one of the option to kill cancer. It can be used as treatment methods for several diseases likemultiple myeloma, leukemia, or lymphoma for the example.  There are several types of stem cell transplant :l Autologous transplant Sometimes called as high dose chemotherapy. It is done by take and freeze your stem cells and next the doctor will use a powerful chemotherapy and after that the doctor will put the stem cells back to your blood again. l Allogeneic transplantationAllogeneic transplantation is similar with autologous transplant, the differences are the stem cell are from other person and the cell do not have to be frozen because it can be transplant as soon as possible. l Umbilical cord blood transplant l Parent child transplant and haplotype mismatched transplantIs a treatment by transplanting.

The difference is the donor will be your family, it can be your parents, child, sister and brother. 6. Precision MedicinePrecision medicine, or sometimes called as personalized medicine is a way of treatment by first identifies the features of the diseases and next the medical team will find the customize medicine for treating the diseases. Usually there are some differences in features of the disease that is caused by mutations in DNA which can drive the cancerous cells to grow uncontrollably.

 Now, there are already many drugs that have been developed which target those specific features of disease which will be really good for the future treatment. 7. Immuno therapyImmunotherapy is one of the methods to treat you from cancer by using your immune system. It will help your immune system to fight many diseases including cancer. It uses the substances which is made from other living creatures. The usage of Immuno therapies methods for treatment is not really widely use yet compared to surgery but it has been proven that immuno therapies can help people with many types of cancer. Immuno therapies will be done by firstly mark the cancer cells.

By marking it, the immune system can find and destroy it easier. Immuno therapies can also boost your immune system so their effect can be stronger. 


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