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There are manytheories and ideas as to how and why Hitler gained so much power, there wereshort-term factors and long term factors. The short term factorsbeing The Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash and the long term factorsbeing the anger from the First World War, where the treaty of Versailles wascreated and the Weimar Government not supplying efficient Governmental supportwhich allowed Hitler to increase his role in authority and allow the beginningof his uprising in power as he gained influence as the chancellor. I agree with theidea that Hitler’s rise to power was largely due to the unforeseen circumstancesof the first world war, an example to support this would be the Wall StreetCrash in 1929 which was a blowback from the Great Depression, this event beingthe reason for the German economy collapsing. At the point of an Economicalcrisis the US called in for its loans to be repaid to them by Germany, throughwhich Germany not being able to do. The number of unemployment began to grow;the number of poverty began to rise as the people of Germany were starved outon the streets, due to this devastating event they were beginning to turn towardsfar more extreme solutions to their problems such as Nazism because they weredesperate. The Nazis offered them some form of hope through offering them jobs;they gained some assurance from the German citizens.

Hitler used the economicmelancholy to his benefit, as he used it to lure new members for his politicalparty and his propaganda. The Nazis had noticeably good propaganda, whichbecame an amazing benefit for them, after they gained some hope via the Germanresidents.  The Greatdepression was a substantial enough reason as to why Hitler came into power in1933, because it effectively presented the Weimar Republics weaknesses and madethe Germans reflects on the strengths of the Nazi’s. However when you comparethis to other factors, there is quite a large possibility that the Nazi’s wouldstill withhold their strength meaning the falling of the Weimar Government maynot have actually affected the Nazis groups political strength. The otherfactors must be considered, such as how charismatic Hitler was and the actualNazi appeal. We have to take into consideration that if Germany hadn’t sufferedsuch devastating consequences that led to so much damage being done then maybethe Great depression and the Wall Street crash would have had as much of aneffect on Germany’s economy.  Hitler used to holdvery substantial speeches and used lots of passion at the same time toelectrify his speeches.

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The Germans believed lots of what Hitler was resenting withinthe speeches Hitler held and through this Hitler the citizens grew closer toHitler and the Nazis, through putting their trust in them. This is how hegained influence, through using his personality and characteristics. Other thanthe advantage of being able to speak with passion and manipulation, Hitler had oneof the leading newspaper company’s owners by his side, this man who consequentlypositioned subliminal messages into the newspapers making the German citizensunconsciously pro-Nazi, this occurred due to his friendship with AlfredHuggenburg, a millionaire media industrialist whom he used to take the downfallof the nation to his own exploitive advantage. Huggenburg owned 53 newspaper companies;he was able to have Hitler’s most successful propaganda messages to bebroadcasted. This financial crisis had a great impact at the upward push ofHitler. Many people soon realized that the Weimar Republic become did notprovide a sufficient amount support for the German citizens so they no longerserve its purpose as the standing government in office and that Hitler and theNazis have been answering all of the Germans prayers. Through the exquisitemelancholy in 1929, the Nazi party won increasing votes each time Hitler heldan his very persuasive speech’s. The financial depression underwrote a lot toHitler’s upward thrust of power, since it was event in the Nazi history thatgave them an increasingly high rise in votes.

Hitler also made proposals to hisforeign affairs which limits the amount of say other countries may have inGerman Politics. So, through 1929Hitler had changed the previous Nazi party right into a nicely organizedcountry wide institution as Hitler knew that the people hunted for an answervia distinctive political parties, a few followed the communist and someobserved Hitler, he appealed to nearly every member within the country for instanceto commercial enterprise owners, he advised them that he could run the control unionand forestall communism, to the farmers he reassured them that he can forestallcommunism, and consequently, placing a stop to the chance of the escalation ofcommunism and additionally enhance the annual household income, the Nazis had alsobeen immensely popular because they caught the attention of all agenciesregardless of the sector.  One thing that wasunpopular within the German communities and the country as a whole was TheTreaty of Versailles and because of this it turned into one issue, which causedthe fall of the Weimar government. Hitler said he might dismiss the treaty ofVersailles due to the fact many Germans determined it insulting, since ittreated them so poorly, he comforted them by telling them the economic issueshad been not their fault, telling them matters that they would want to payattention to. The treaty of Versailles


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