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Thereare a lot of similarities and differences in a divorced mother of two, workinga full-time job and going to school full time and an Ecologist studyingPenguins Mating in Antarctica.  In thisessay I will researching the characteristics of our species and the role weplay in our ecosystem.  I will be will bediscussing my personal niche and the niche of an Ecologist in Antarcticastudying the mating of penguins.

  I willcompare our personal habitats showing what our likes and differences are.  I will show that characteristics of surviveof both habitats and how humans have adapted to my town or habitat and that ofthe Antarctic.  I will also show the difficultiesif any in living in both places and talk about the culture.

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Inmy personal niche of being a divorced mother of two, working full-time, andgoing to school full-time.  As a motherof two, it is a full-time job also of taking kids to school, helping withhomework and projects, and being an active parent in both of their schools.  Along with being a parent I also work a full-timejob at a hospital.  I work help uninsuredand underinsured people get insurance or find other governmental programs toassist them with their medical bills.

  I seepeople at the when they are at their worst…sick. After work its school time forme that consists of seminars, essays, reading, and discussion boards.  In between all of that is paying bills,grocery shopping, and cooking.Anecologist studying penguins mating in Antarctica have a very different niche thanmyself.

  His main job would be to observepenguins mating in their habitat and recording his observations as he sees fit.  He will have to take his recorded informationand transcribe it either to disk or paper. His day is also consumed with completing reports, making phone calls,and any other necessary paperwork for an ecologist.  One of the most important things that anecologist does is to protect himself from the elements of the Antarctic, whichconsist of wearing the proper cold-weather gear, having a GPS or tracker withhim always, and knowing when he has been out in the elements long enough. Hewould have to know about the environment that he is working order tostay safe and have so sense of comfort. He would have to know how to secure food if he runs out.    Hewould also have to know about the penguins mating schedule and other finds by anotherecologist.

  If I was that ecologist atthis point in my life, I could not make it in the cold weather.  I would not be able to leave my kids for thatperiod and I would not take them with me do to the weather and living conditionof possibly living in a tent or on a ship and having to survive without thecomforts that we are used to.Myname is Natasha Atkinson and I live in Helena, Arkansas.  It is a town with a population of maybe15,000 people.

  My town is a small townwhere everyone knows almost everybody. We only have two major grocery stores with one of them beingWalmart.  The town has three highschools, no movie theater, no bowling alley, and most of all no shoppingmall.  I live in the north part of townclose to family.  The area that I live inonly has a set of 2 duplexes.  I am not botheredwith a lot crime or noisy neighbors.  Itis the place where my children and myself feel safe.  The most activity that we have in this areais a stray Pitbull every now and then.

  It’sa small boring town but it where I was born and raised and no matter where Imove too, I always seem to come back. The weather is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.Thehabitat of an Ecologist studying the mating of penguins is much different thatmy little town.  The ecologist will bestudying the mating of penguins in the Antarctic.  Antarctica is the southernmost continent inthe South pole and is covered in ice.  Itis an un-inhabited land mass. It is the fifth largest continent and the coldestplace on Earth.

  Antarctica only has twoseasons which are winter and summer.  Itis so cold that that when it snows there the snow doesn’t melt but forms icesheets and is not plagued by insects due to the cold.  This have happened over many years.  An ecologist would have set up a camp andlive in tents or live in a dorm room on a ship.Thereare some similarities and differences between the characteristics of survivalan Ecologist studying penguins mating in Antarctica and myself living, workingand going to school online in Helena, Arkansas. We both are doing what we mustdo to survive in life.  My job pays thebills and secure the comforts of my habitat.

 His job pays to bills and secure the necessary comforts to live andstudy in Antarctica.    I am working, parenting, and going to schoolto better myself and the life of my children. He working to find out information on penguins mating processes to keepthe world informed possibly to improve the lives of the penguins.

  We as human adapt to our habitats and nichesbecause of the choices we made in life. There is no other option because of the choices we made to be anecologist studying penguins in the Antarctic and myself being a working motherand student. In your adult life you do what is necessary to survive. Inconclusion the characteristics of our human species and the role we play in ourecosystem between an ecologist studying penguins mating in Antarctica and myself,the parent, employee, and students are similar yet very different, with thesame goal between the two.                                        


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