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There has been widespreadconcern about the trust issues on counting the amount of vote card during onthe election because it is counted manually. Although the discussion of thisproblems have taken place in Malaysia, To many Malaysian the deployment can goa long way in solving the problems of electoral process while others think onlyby reducing the level of corruption in the electoral systems can reduce therigging and other serious problems.  Traditionalvoting process can be divided into different phases: 1.     Authentication:In this phase, voter authenticates himself or herself by showing his or hervoting card, this step is public and verified by the presiding officer. At theend of authentication process, presiding officer give a ballot paper to voterto cast his or her vote.  2.

     Vote:Voters do their candidate selection in a protected booth by writing it with penon the vote paper. Then the vote paper will be folded and inserted into thevoting box. All valid and invalid votes are mixed up in the box.  3.

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    Vote counting: At the endof voting time, the presiding officer collect the ballot box containing allballot papers and submit it to the counting centre. The voting boxes are openedand votes are counted and the results are then announced. There have beenseveral studies on methods used to improve elections.

There are many ways totrack the votes cast by voters. One of it used a set of switches to representthe candidates. The voters select the candidate by pressing the keypad 3×4 providedby the election committee 12. Thumb impression for each people hasdifferent pattern.

A few researches have been done about the fingerprintdetection in election process. To maximizing the effectiveness and accuracy,the fingerprint is used for voter’s identification to avoid fake and repeatedvoting 3. This paperpresents the development of electronic voting machine which displays count ofvotes using 16×2 LCD display interface. Voters make their votes by putting amark on their selected candidate. The IR sensor detects the marks and finalvotes count can be seen on the LCD.

This EVM also provide a sorting featuresbetween valid and invalid votes


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