there cases of people having there belongs tanked

there was still segregation, racism, and slavery throughout America. The 4th amendment is used more often in today’s life because everyone knows that freedom of religion is everywhere in America and slavery is illegal and you can’t discriminate against blacks, asians, Jews or Muslims but more and more cases are coming up with police officers ignoring the 4th amendment and its rules and its importance in court. There are more problems that occur because of the disregard of the 4th amendment. It is one of the most ignored amendments in the entire constitution. It is very important because if they forget a warrant all the evidence can be completely ignored and the person will be let go with no charges will be put on this person.

If they fake the warrant all evidence won’t be available in court and the police officers that were involved will be accused of ignoring the amendment like the Mapp v. Ohio case. This probably the biggest amendment that is ignored which is a really big problem. There are a lot of other cases that happened with the ignoring of the 4th amendment. There are a lot of small cases of people having there belongs tanked from them and searched through without a warrant, like a girl’s purse getting searched without a warrant, which happens a lot with this small offenses of the 4th Amendment which is still a violation of the 4th amendment (The Judicial Learning Center, n.d). There are loads of cases where the 4th amendment was violated and the person who was violated for their rights and freedom can’t do anything about it.

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It just another reason why the economy is getting worse than the population. Lots of people are getting searched and having their stuff destroyed over some silly reason like they were accused of having drugs because they had the same bag of someone you did. The overall the amendment helps keep things in check and more organized. It is a person’s freedom to ask for a warrant because you can’t be searched without a warrant with them. Like in the Mapp v. Ohio case the warrant was faked which when the judge found out the evidence that was involved and found in Mapp’s house was completely unusable in court.

Thanks to the ignorance of these cops,  Mapp was set free with almost no charges even though she was related in a bombing. The 4th amendment is often overlooked  and is completely ignored in some cases. There were many people who are accused of some they had no part in but are still having their property destroyed and trashed like it had no value to the owner or the person who is being violated of their civil rights.

This just shows how important this amendment is and how bad it can get if it was followed. It is basically the most important amendment. At the beginning this amendment might seem minor to the 13-15th amendments, and the 1st amendment or even all the voting amendments but after more research, you can clearly see the greater value this amendment has in the modern day than most of the others. That doesn’t mean that we don’t need the other amendments, it is just that more importance of this amendment needs to be put out of there. Most people would think that the 1st amendment is most important but the major factor today would be the 5th or the main ones to do with court but the difference with all of those are that they aren’t as ignored as the 4th.

The 4th needs to be more out there s it becomes a more important amendment.


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