There they are willing to help each other.

There were about seventeen kindergartens in the room where I was observing; half boys and half girls. They were between 3-5years. When I walked into the classroom the children had just arrived in the room. They were hanging up their bags, saying goodbye to their parents and finding activities to play. The classroom was not too big, and walls were decorated with pictures, shapes and alphabets.

I enjoyed this observation.1.How did the children interact with each other?I observed that all the children were welcoming they know how to develop good friendships and empathy. For example- there was one girl dropped off by her dad she seemed to be sad. One boy approached her and said “Hello, Come I will show you my painting”. Early on in my observation I did not see any children misbehaving. They were talking and listening to each other in a friendly way and responding positively. One thing that I observed there was one boy he wanted to lead and control the play.

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He was giving suggestions on what to play and others were following him which shows they are willing to help each other. They all were seating closer to each other, enjoying activities and moving freely in the room.2.What problem-solving strategies did you see?I noticed there was one girl making butterflies and heart with multicoloured papers and others were observing and copying her. She was helping others who do not know how to cut butterflies. When teacher praises her with her creative work she feels so proud.

Also, there were only three tables in the room and more than five kids on one table would be crowded. The tutor started shuffling kids so that they get chance to play with everyone. There were some kids who were hiding himself so that they can play with the same partners.

All the members in daycare handling every situation nicely, if they saw the children who were playing too rough or hurting others were asking to stop if not they will ask to find different games to play.3.What behaviors did you see that helped you to determine the developmental stage of the child?During my observation, I observed development of cognitive and motor skills in the children of 3-5years. Firstly, they know how to talk, how to express feelings. For example- how to say his or her name. When I entered in the room they were asking me questions like what is your name, why you are here? Moreover, they started sharing little experiences and telling stories. I observed one girl of 4years.

She communicates very well. She was telling about her dad’s haircut. Others were listening attentively to her.

Another signs of development that I noticed includes they know how to use scissors, recognize object, pictures and understand the concept of counting. When they asked to clean up the room they started cleaning and following instructions given by the caregivers. All the children were able to place pens in their caps which also shows sign of development.

4.Did you see behaviors that concerned you? Why?Some kids have personality that’s slowing to open up to new situations. There was one boy between 3-4years of age. He sat alone in the corner of the room and looking sad. He does not want to play with anyone because of some behavioral problems.

When caregiver call him, he started crying that concerned me. But the care provider was attentive to the needs of children. She was talking to the child in low voice and loving way.


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