There were many goals in the corrections system’ Retribution, Deterrence, Incapacitation and Rehabilitation and later a more focus on Community Justice. Moving forward, by the 1920’s some thought that they could rehabilitate offenders, however the plan failed because of inadequate funding or prison officials wanting to act on rehabilitating an offender. Some did not like the idea of rehabilitation for offenders, to put them back into society, by teaching them skills, this seemed to many as a treatment than a punishment.Today’s correction system is much different than the correction system from years past. We moved from vigilante justice to government justice. Vigilante Justice was very common many years ago and simply meant the victim’s family seek revenge for the crime committed, like and eye for an eye. But eventually over time, the government stepped in as the years went on which went on to be called government justice.

It was going to be left up to the government to be responsible for the crime committed.

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