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These days business trends are changing quickly all over the world and the organizations that don’t change cannot survive.

The change means, in the first place, to alter the present shape in order to become a better one. Organizational change frequently starts with strategic change, that is to say, change in strategy, mission and vision of the organization. Leadership and change cannot be separated no longer in theory either in practice as they are interdependent.A good leader has to first develop the vision and being initiatives towards the change process with the confident. Strategic Leadership has to plan the adapt innovation and creating the opportunities.

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Also, have the power to influence employees and motivate them to follow the implementation in order to achieve business goals. A leader of change is an individual with the ability to influence and ultimately change behaviours of employees, teams, and organizations who influence the commitment of any key group within the organization. Step change can be the unexpected jump in the direction upwards or downwards significantly and difficult to spot in advance. Flux represents turbulence in the environment where trends are destroyed.

According to Lewin’s model of force- field analysis for re-freeze’ the future changes which are involved for the entire organisation to the frame-breaking burst of creating a structure with new technology to reaches equilibrium.My view My organisation managements style is transaction style which base on support, facilitation and collaboration appear to be extra successful in case of change implementation . Leadership and change cannot be separated no longer in theory neither in practice as they are interdependent.

Even if it is tough to change from one style to another in my company, being change from male leader to women leader style opportunities it is a challenging step toward applying what is great for every section of change.


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