These politics – good; they, their politics

These examples clearly show that politicians use technique “us versus them”.

The usage of pronoun “they” in this kind of speech is obvious: I, we, my politics – good; they, their politics – bad. Not only pronouns are used in political speeches to get a certain aim or to make a desired effect. Another way to make a desired effect on the public is telling something personal, something anecdotal.

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By the way, exactly that „anecdotal” makes the speech more „human”. Next examples will show how politicians use this „human” way of influencing people. Negative statements also are used in the speeches of politicians. In these statements candidates show that they as well as many other people are not satisfied with the present leader. This is another way of attraction to nation to vote for a certain candidate.

Such technique has a hidden context – the candidate is not satisfied with the present government, so the hidden context is that he as if promises to make changes in case of his election.


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