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Thesis Title/Proposal: ESTABLISHMENT OF YOUNG-AT- HEART LEISURE CLUB Rationale Recreation, fun and innovation are elements of living a purposeful life regardless of age. Seniors then will take the chance of fulfilling those extended parts of life, which is impossible while working full time (Bolibol et al, 2015). It has long been understood and supported by such wide reaching organizations as the World Health Organization that social participation and social support are strongly connected to good health and well-being throughout one’s life including during the senior years.

Seniors’ centers and programs allow older citizens to participate in leisure, social, cultural and spiritual activities in their community and allows them to continue to exercise their competence, to enjoy respect and esteem, to maintain or establish supportive and caring relationships, and to foster social integration (Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, 2010). Later on the elderly market will be delighted to find a new hobby or rediscover a pleasurable craft, which is innate in their selves. There are a lot of arts suitable not only for the young but a dare that seniors are capable of doing too. It is finding a craft to pursue, it’s finding the fun, comfort and joy of doing it. In response to this opportunity (Bolibol et al, 2015). After retirement, seniors have the fullest time to enjoy what they have not fulfilled during their working lives.

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Recreation, travel and social activities are among the wonderful activities that keep seniors stay active and connected with the society. Travel-related services involve vacation organization such as booking of tickets, booking of hotel accommodations and other tour planning activities whether abroad or domestic (Bolibol et al, 2015).Objectives1. This study aims to provide utmost care services helping the older adults find a place of maximum soundness living, vibrant engagement to society and achieved self-worth.2. To contribute to the enhancement of the senior service industry, consecutively uplifting the value of elderly life and active citizenship.3. It focuses on the desired location of a senior care facility for consumers’ easy access of the services provided.

4. It will determine the viability of establishing a senior care facility.Statement of the Problem In conducting this study the researcher aims to prepare a feasibility study on the possibility of establishing a Young-At-Heart Leisure Club, a senior care facility that specializes in the following programs: Wellness and health assistance; Travel and entertainment; Outdoor facilities for recreation; Center for gatherings and reunion and Other senior-assisted services in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur. In an attempt to undertake a thorough feasibility analysis of the project, the following specific inquiries were taken into account.

1. What is the demographic profile of:1.1 Respondents, in terms of:1.1.1 Sex1.1.2 Age1.

1.3 Status1.1.4 Socio-economic status1.1.5 Monthly Income 2.

What are the feasibility analysis of establishing a senior care facility, in terms of:2.1 Management Aspect2.2 Technical Aspect2.3 Marketing Aspect2.4 Financial Aspect2.5 Environmental Aspect3.

What is the most preferred type of services that respondents are willing to avail?4. What is the respondents’ spending capacity?5. What is the ideal location in establishing the senior care facility?6. What is the rate of profitability?Scope and Limitation of the StudyThe scope of this study covers the demographic profiles of the respondents under the five (5) urban barangays of Tandag City, namely, Brgy. Bag-ong Lungsod, Bongtud, Dagocdoc, Mabua and Telaje. The feasibility study focuses on establishing a senior care facility with respect to the respondents’ affordability and convenience. The study considers respondents’ choice of programs or services, spending capacity and desired location of the senior care facility.

REFERENCES:Bolibol, et al. (2015). The Golden – Age Leisure Club, Inc. Business Plan.

Philippine School of Business Administration, Business Research Journal, Volume XVIII, June 2015, pp. 65-79Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. (2010). Feasibility Study Southeast Vancouver Seniors’ Centre.


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