Thesis: A Hostile World destroys Faith In the

Thesis: A Hostile World destroys Faith In the beginning of Night by Elie Wiesel, Eliezer is devout Jew who is very religious. He began to speak with Moishe the beadle regarding religious enlightenment; “And Moishe the beadle the poorest of the poor of Sighet, spoke to me for hours on end about Kabbalah’s revelations and its mysteries” (Wiesel 5). Eliezer’s father is a respected and very intelligent man. His opinion on public and private matters is sought after in the community.

Eliezer described his father as a unsentimental man and more involved in the welfare of others than his own kind. This makes the relationship between Eliezer and his father interesting because their relationship is weak and his father still plays a big part of his life by telling him what he can and can not do. “Even through the atrocities he has faced, he continues to pray”, Yisgadal Beyiskadash Shmey.

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.. May his name be celebrated and sanctified..

.” Whispered my father (Wiesel 33). Moishe no longer speaks of God after he witnessed the massacre of the Jews. Eliezer sees Moishe has lost his faith in God. As they enter Birkenau, Eliezer began to lose his devotion to God.

In conclusion Elie faces many situations that test his faith, he always goes back to what he believes.


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