Things in the Workplace”, I learned that you

Things that I learned
From the video “Professionalism in the Workplace”, I learned that you have to dress appropriately, even if the others are not dressed professionally. The second thing that I learned from this video is that you need to stay positive even when it it’s hard to do so because it affects others around you. The last thing I learned from this video is that you cannot be afraid to admit to your mistakes.
From the video “Professional Behaviour at Work”, I learned that communication is key to everything. With communication, you are using oral, unwritten, and body language without even thinking about it. The second thing I learned from this video is that the way you present with your attitude can say lot about you. It can be interpreted in many ways and can cause confusion with others. The last thing I learned from this video is being organized is a key to being successful. If you are not organized, then you can lose due dates and that can be a big problem.
From the video “Workplace Etiquette”, I learned that being effective can save so much time and show how professional you are. Getting things done right away can save time in the end and you will not have to scramble and rush through things. The second thing I learned from this video is your behavior in meetings. No matter how nervous you are, try and make eye contact and speak loudly so everyone can hear you. You will be in meetings with people you don’t know. The last thing that I learned is about cliques. You do not want to get involved into cliques. No matter how tempting it is to join a clique, just don’t. That is how you can ruin your reputation.

How does it relate to an EA?
All of these relate to an EA because you are working with students with different exceptionalities. Having proper behaviours can save you a headache in the end and do not need to worry about your job. As an EA, you are working with many people in small community and it does not take much for word to travel about you. This can be a positive things if you are doing well with your job as it can help you with jobs in the future. With this being said, these people can be a reference for you. Also, it can be a negative thing and work against you. If you are in a clique and gossip about people, you just never know who knows who and word will travel that you are a person who gossips about people. Employers do not want people like that working for them.

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