This and unless, it is used for the

Thisis 21st century how many of us remember world’s richest men? Nonebecause wealth only benefits the individual until and unless, it is used forthe welfare of the society or to bring about a positive change.

However If Iask how many of you know mother Teresa, Abdul Sattar Edhi sahib, Einstein,Muniba Mazari, Oprah Winfrey, Benazir Bhutto the answer to this woulddefinitely be yes. As this world remember those, who has given something backto the society using the distinct powers vested upon us.  That is how legacy shapes it, even when onecease to exist, society cherishes the fruit one has harvested in the garden ofmother Earth. The fruit borne is the accolade of ordinary excellence.  Legacy is the impression or impact wehave on everyone we meet or on the world; when one cease to exist. As WilliamWordsworth quotes “A thing of beauty is joy forever” a good deed,heroic act is always reminisced and cherished.Despiteof living in 21st century we are still tied up to the primitiveculture,where women is deprived of their basic moralities; such as the desireto follow career aspirations, attain excellence in academia and follow life asthey will. I being the women of 21st century desire to act as acatalyst to start the revolution in empowering women to follow careeraspirations along with their personal goals of life.

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Theexisting sociological paradigm disparages females to pursue career aspirationsand are sought to be less intellectual, and in the process of defining genderroles women is restricted to stay inside the homes.  At every stage in their career path strongforce of friction is felt in acknowledging their excellence. However, In thisburgeoning concept of Feminism I want to be the catalytic agent in changingthis mindset.

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong, women arealready strong. Its about changing the way the world perceives thatstrength”  G.D Andersonif weponder we as women hold the biggest strength to bring about any change asHITLER use to say if you want to bring change in the nation choose mothers. Weas women hold immense power as we are the ones who carry generations forward,we are devoid of the power we hold in up bringing the future generations. Thischange can be elucidated in future generations, harvest the notion in up cominggeneration of males.

So they can bring the change we wish to see where women offuture generations would be given equal opportunities and freedom to chosetheir career.Moreoverluckily; the Corporate organization I have become part of, fosters genderdiversity and has been following strict dialect in changing this genderrestricted culture. The graph of gender diversity is at a gradual rise theperseverance to bring the change shows the contribution of Habib Metro Bank indynamic banking sector. Moreover whenever a change is brought it is alwaysgradual so that it lasts lifetime and must not conflict with the natural rolesalready described.ShamshadAkhtar the first female Governor of SBP went beyond the paradigms ofcorporate& society, broke the shell when women were not allowed to step outof the house freely. Moreover in accordance with SBP, Habib Metro Bank gives ahead start to intellectual females.

On many senior positions in Habib Metrofemales have been working and leading the departments which is the efforttowards women empowerment.Therevolutionary movement I have envisioned to start, begins from within, bychanging the patriarchal mindset of people around us and empower women to riseagainst the odds of world. Therefore I demand freedom for women to chose theirlife and evade the concept that women cant manage career and their personallife goals side by side.

I envision a corporate organization where men are notintimidated by opinionated females and bringing them down just because they arefemales.Conceptof Day care, must be introduced in the banking sector so it encourages femalesmore and more to enter into the corporate world and create harmony betweenpersonal family life and their career goals. By creating a conducive culturefor females we can bridge the gap of male female ratio in the banking sector.Inconclusion remarks I would speak about perseverance commitment it holds the keyin executing the revolution to the extent that one day using the platform ofHabib Metro I will speak about the movement and change I sought to bring in thebanking sector so that women of today can follow career aspirations and pursuetheir personal goals side by side.  Thepositive change we ought to bring about in the corporate bounds to encouragefemales in going up the ladder of success.  


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