This was a propaganda, which can be recognised

This analysis will focus on the poem ‘Who’s for the Game’ by Jessie Pope. It will begin by looking at the cultural and historical influences before moving onto explicit and implicit meanings. It will go on to discuss how structure, form and language affect the meaning before conclusion.Jessie Pope was an English poem who was born in March 1868 in Leicester.

She was studied in girl’s college at North London school. She started writing poetry in early 19 centuries. She wrote poetry for nearly 20 years and contributed to 170 poems in different magazines. She is well known for her war poetries. She is also famous for being criticised by different war poets such as Wilford Owen. Basically, the poem was written exactly in the time of “world war one “.

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The purpose of writing this poem was to encourage young men to fight for their country and it was a propaganda, which can be recognised in first two line of the poem. Pope wanted to make the readers feel war is not a bad or scary event, it is therefore, “just a game” and it is great and all men should really go to war for their country. However, as she had not ever been fighting in the war, therefore, she only assumed that war is fun and is like a great game, while it was the worst thing can ever happen to anybody.


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