This for example the type of music within

This article talks about how the consumer’s buying behaviour is affected by the situational influences. Belk (1974) highlights different facets of situation such as physical factors for example the type of music within a store, ambience, store location, aroma and the ambience, social factors such as whether there’s a long queue in the store, or are there any high profile people in the store buying a product, reason why buyers purchase a product, task influences for example is there a need or a requirement to buy a particular product. An example can be seen where a consumer wants to buy a wedding ring then in this case the consumer is more likely to spend time in stores looking for a ring because it is a high investment product as it requires time and patience. If it’s a necessity the consumer will just go to any store and will buy the product but if its convenience the consumer is more likely to not buy a product in a rush.

The last aspect of situational influence is the consumer’s moods. In order to summarise it can be said the situational influences are temporary conditions that affect the consumer’s buying or purchasing behaviour.

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