This essay discusses arguments for and against the

This essay discusses arguments for and against the use of examination as a method of assessment. Using block method the essay will provide ideas in support of using examination as assessments and ideas against it. The first part of the essay begins with ideas against the arguments for use of exams which are students stress level increases, loss of confidence is felt and comparison of students by parents and teachers. The ideas for the arguments include increase in knowledge and skills, positive competitive environment leading to positive outcome and being able to self-examination of one’s own ability and to improve weaknesses. The essay concludes agreeing with the fact that examination can be a useful method of assessment used for students.

Education is a process of teaching and learning which is practiced in schools and universities to increase performance and intellectual knowledge at the same time. To test students understanding, examination has been introduced as a method of assessment for students. There can be many reasons to show how the use of examinations can be fair to the students and can also be unfair. There maybe arguments against and arguments for the use of examination as a method of assessment.Examinations are important but it can increases stress, loss of confidence and also comparison between students by teachers and parents. Firstly, examinations can increase stress level in students.

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The fear of not performing well in exams or fear of letting everyone down can put students under a lot of stress which can affect their health. For instance, parents and teachers have high expectations for their child or student and fail to understand the fact that all students are born with different abilities; some may remember things faster than those who are weak academically. Another example is that “excessive stress can lead to serious health issues like headache, loose motion, nausea, vomiting and could increase blood pressure” (Pros Cons (2018)).

Therefore, students fear put them through a lot of pressure during exams. Additionally, students lose confidence when their performance level is low. Loss of confidence leads students to undergo extremely high stress which causes depression. For example, students get up early and sleep late at night only to study, sacrificing their time to achieve their good grades in exams, sometimes students don’t fail it leads them to depression, very few students cannot withstand such situations and thus commits suicide. Hence, students go through mental breakout when they aren’t able to achieve their goals despite working hard for it.Moreover, comparison between students can be major problem caused by examinations.

Comparing a child with other children can add up stress and competitive traits. For instance, weak students are compared to children of relatives, friends and neighbors which puts more pressure on students and fears of being humiliated, ignoring the fact that some students maybe weak academically but could be better at other activities such as music, sports and other activities. Another example is that comparing students can lead to jealously between friends which could ruin friendships. Thus, comparing one student to the other can cause negative effects on students themselves.However, there are arguments for the use of examinations as a method of assessment. The arguments used for can be that examinations help student’s increase knowledge, create a competitive environment and also enable students to self-examine one’s own ability.

Examinations enhances students to work hard and perform their best, by doing so students can achieve good grades but can also develop other skills which can be useful in their future career.Equally, students can increase their knowledge while studying for exams. They can improve understanding by learning other ways to expand their knowledge and develop useful skills. For illustration, students might not understand a technical term in books so they can search online to find their answers, this way they can try to gain more knowledge. Another example is that exams teach students various skills, according to Kate(The Fiji Times (2018))says that students skills enables students to structure their thoughts, opinion and ideas, also improving writing styles and develop students’ literary skills. Hence, developing new methods of learning techniques can improve one’s knowledge.

Additionally, examination can create competitive environment. Competition among students enables students to push themselves to do better. For instance, “…students…work hard to achieve good grades because they want to prove they are the best. This competition helps students to work more hard and is a motivation for them” (Pros Cons (2018)). Another illustration is that students who maintain good grades they can be rewarded a scholarship and gets an opportunity to study in the best universities or even study abroad. Therefore, it is good and beneficial to create competition among students.Finally, examination can help student’s self-examine one’s own ability. By doing exams, students can determine where they stand and how much work is need to improve their performance.

For example, exams enable students to assess themselves, “Assessments are also used to identify academic weaknesses and strengths… and to define pathway for improvement that takes many forms and requires an assortment of refined strategies and techniques” (Waqabaca (2017)). Thus, self-analysis helps student to motivate themselves to achieve their full potential.In conclusion, examinations has good side as well as bad side, it depends how a student deals with it. Hard work and determination can change all the negatives to positives. Arguments for outweighs argument against, as examinations increases students’ knowledge and skills, students creates positive competitive environment among themselves which brings out positive outcome, also exams helps students to analyze their own ability and motivate them to do better. I would not recommend any changes to the method of assessment because examinations play a vital role in our education and also helps students in shaping their future.

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