This responsible for their students. Arming a teacher

This essay discusses the safety and the psychological impact on teachers. The issue of training teachers to use a gun.Teachers can’t teach with guns.

If teachers wanted to learn how to use a gun or they wanted to use a gun, they would have take a different career path. According to the article,(Article #4) “A teacher would have a concealed gun on them. They’d go for special training and they would be there and you would no longer be a gun-free zone,” Trump said. This illustrates President Donald Trump suggests teachers should be trained to learn how to use a gun. The second issue i’m going to address is teachers safety.

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A teacher is responsible for their students. Arming a teacher is not a way of safety or protection. Teachers are vulnerable and can’t handle that big of a responsibility like that. According to the article,(Article #1) “More guns means more deaths period.” This illustrates if teachers are armed and is capable enough to shoot a student, that’s a heavy risk to take and also consequences for that teacher. In this next topic shows the safety and mental health of students and impacts of students. A student or a child’s safety is very important in many cases.

In a school children, kids and teens should be safe in their own school environment. According to the article, (Article#1) “I’ve been flinching more often at work lately. You never know what those loud, echoey hallway sounds are anymore: Did a student accidentally on purpose slam a door? Did someone drop their binder on the floor? Is that an AR-15? Is it worth opening our locked doors to find out?”You never know what can happen when things can occur out of the blue. Mental illness can lead to gun violence. Many people think that the primary cause of gun violence is mental health kids.

There are many ways to help kids with their illness. Shooting up a school and putting your complications on others is not a way to do that. According to the article, (Article #1) “Students need access to professional mental health service providers who can diagnose and provide proper therapy. Give our counselors time to counsel so they are able to properly refer students to the appropriate mental health professionals.” There are high professionals that can help these kids with any complications they have. In today’s society there are day-to-day risks and burden on teachers. For teachers who are armed have day-to-day risk. They aren’t prepared for a situation like that and their reaction can affect heavily.

And there are others who are prepared for these type of risk. Andrew McInnes (Article #3) states that “These risks include unnecessarily drawing or firing in a moment of fear or someone taking their gun to injure others. However, handgun owners express a willingness to accept these risks.” Teachers aren’t ready to take that type of danger. It’s tough for a teacher to carry a gun and question what to do next if a situation occurs.

Teachers carry a burden for their students. We are able to count on them whenever we need help academically and emotionally, they are accountable for us. In article #1 it states that “Asking us to now carry the burden of having the responsibility to kill is irreparably damaging, even if we never have to discharge our weapon.” Carrying a gun is a lot to handle and teachers aren’t ready for that accountability.


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