This damage, it can also cause someone to

This essay is going to be why Alcohol should be illegal, Alcohol is a poison and it kills you if you drink too much.

Alcohol also causes muscles damage, it can also cause someone to do something they don’t want to do. Alcohol also causes a lot of other damage, like sexual assault, drunk driving, and violence are all ignited by alcohol. I think alcohol should be illegal in the United States of America because it kills more people than any other drug combined. Evidence concludes that there wouldn’t be as much suicides, if they were to ban alcohol.

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People that have committed suicide have been legally intoxicated, by taking away alcohol, attempted suicide rates could fall because all those who are alcohol drinkers tempted to inflict suicide upon them won’t have that thought anymore. Some of the side effects of heavy alcohol consumption may include poor health, lost career opportunities, broken families, and a disoriented society. Alcohol consumption is by the law with minimal restrictions that prohibit younger people and adults from driving when driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite the fact that alcohol consumption causes more harm to users and their loved ones in the end.


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