This nursery on the three days a week

This family type is an extended family.

Lucy, who is 59 years old, has no job and has arthritis and type 2 diabetes. She has recently moved in with her daughter, her daughter’s partner, and their family of three children. This is because Lucy finds it hard to move around due to her severe arthritis. Sarah, who is aged 29 and works part-time in retail, has two children and is a carer for her Mother.

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Sarah’s partner, Luke, is 30 and has a full-time job in joinery. He occasionally helps out with Lucy’s care by going to their local chemist and hospitals and picking up her medication and steroids. Millie is aged three and has started nursery three days a week. Daryl, who is 1 years of age, has now started to attend the same nursery on the three days a week when his mother is working.Lucy has severe arthritis so she needs to be cared for 24 hours a day.

Sarah who is the main carer for Lucy helps with her Physical needs by cooking and preparing healthy meals as Lucy cannot stand for long periods of times without having sore joints. Sarah monitors Lucy’s eating habits as she has diabetes and is only allowed to eat certain things. Sarah plans the weekly menus by writing a list before going grocery shopping. She considers her mother’s need for foods that fall under the Eat Well Guide, to help manage her diabetes. She also ensures she has adequate low fat dairy foods, full of calcium and vitamin D for healthy and strong bones. She chooses high fibre versions of bread and cereals to help prevent any bowel disorders, due to her mother’s age. Sarah also helps Lucy by washing herself in the shower or bath, helping her keep her dignity, by maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene.

Luke also helps with Lucy’s physical needs as he would go to the hospital and pick up her medication or drive her to any appointments she has to help maintain her health. Sarah, along with the children, like to get Lucy out to the park when they are going and this provides some gentle exercise and fresh air.As well as Luke helping her with her physical needs he also plays a major role in the intellectual needs as well. This is because he takes her to her appointments, allowing her to learn more about the condition and how to cope with the diet plans or soreness of her arthritis.

At home, Sarah leaves out books, magazines and newspapers for Lucy to read or flick through during the day. These help to keep her mind stimulated. Daryl and Millie encourage their granny to read them bedtime stories, or to make up ones based on her own childhood. This helps to keep her brain stimulated, as well as providing some bonding time with the children.Sometimes Lucy’s arthritis would get so bad that she cannot leave her bed the pain is too much. Luke and Sarah would help her emotionally by talking to her and keeping her company, as it can be very stressful not being able to get up and do daily activates.

Millie as helps her granny by spending the day beside her watching movies or playing dolls. This really has a positive on Lucy’s mental health as is takes her mind off of the pain and the fact that she cannot do anything for herself. Luke would also sort out Lucy’s financial situation by making sure her payments are out on time.

This saves Lucy getting stressed about money.Sarah helps her mother stay connected with the world by bringing her to different social events e.g.

over 50’s club and her weekly diabetes support group. This is to help Lucy stay connected with her friends and stay connected with people who are going through the same experiences as her. Sarah will also regularly ask extended family members round to the house to help her mother keep in touch with them.


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