This Welsh folk story, and it is

This film is a good example of the Welsh folk story, and it is blended with oral tradition.

Therefore, we can say that this mixture makes the film more watchable than other animating or cartoon films. The story is also seen as a good adaptation tales of heroism and romance. The story-line is processing well. The movie starts with meeting of three people named Lleu, Dan and Rhiannon. They meet up for a celebration on a boat.

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While they are on a boat, they realize something which shines under the ocean. According to the yachtsman, the thing is a golden portal which is opened the Otherworld. These curious teenagers are looking for an adventure, and finally they reach their goal, and they dive into the sea in order to reach this magical place. The movie change instantly into a traditional animation when these guys pass through the golden portal. Moreover, they go on the adventure by putting their problems aside.

After entering the Otherworld, they transform into different forms which have different names, and they have different stories. The otherworld is a place in which includes otherworldly things and powerful beings belonging to the Welsh World. There are also some different points in terms of availability in Celtic culture. In conclusion, I really enjoy this animation film, however, I still have some questions about it. Maybe, someone is going to try to make high edition version of this story, and I hope it would reflect properly and well by portraying what happens in that world belonging to Welsh culture.


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