This of the considerable number of disadvantages

This framework has been proposed for maintaining the attendance record. The aim behind building up this system is to dispose of the considerable number of disadvantages which were related with manual participation framework. The downsides running from wastage of time and paper, till the intermediary issues emerging in a class, will totally be dispensed with. Consequently, desired outcomes with easy to understand interface is expected in the future, from the system.

The effectiveness of the system could be expanded by coordinating different advances and procedures later on creating phases of the system In further work, authors intend to improve face recognition effectiveness by using the interaction among our system, the users and the administrators. On the other hand, our system can be used in a completely new dimension of face recognition application, mobile based face recognition, which can be an aid for common people to know about any person being photographed by cell phone camera including proper authorization for accessing a centralized database.

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