This show they have an environmental initiative by

This idea help the most promise because it would save a company money and show they have an environmental initiative by reducing packaging.

The crumb trapper would also create differentiation within the industry for the company who first uses it. This idea is a clear improvement of an existing method of packaging and could realistically be a huge success and I can see it being used in the future.*posted on December 1, 2012by mdesrochfiled under UncategorizedThe comments received about our first pitch showed patterns of feedback to present with more enthusiasm by including a story to explain the problem our product solves and suggestions on the actual service we were pitching.

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The suggestion to increase enthusiasm has a clear meaning and could be easily used to improve our pitch. However, the feedback suggesting to change our product were not so helpful. An example of feedback given was to change the options of transportation to options of activities within a city. This suggestion would be beneficial in the creation or idea generation process but not after consumer research has been conducted because this drastic pivot would change the target market to a younger demographic and eliminate the need to target travellers.*posted on December 1, 2012by mdesrochfiled under UncategorizedEvaluating other group’s product pitches was not an easy task. Gauging the desirability of the product is tough because the group obviously has clear bias to how much demand there is for their product among their target market.

The only other information I could use is my personal desire created by their presentation about their product. Feasibility is the easiest value to gage for their product because the technology either exists or it doesn’t. Viability is based on if the product makes economic sense, and this is unknown till the price and costs of the product are determined. Most of the pitches did not include the mode of manufacturing or revenue channels, so viability cannot be fully gauged.

My group agreed on desirability, feasibility, and clarity, but not viability. This may be because it is the most unknown or dependent on personal knowledge of products similar to the one that is being pitched. The difference in the ratings of viability weren’t completely opposite by being all above 5 out of 10. This shows a consistent attitude within the group, which makes it easy to reach a consensus.*posted on November 10, 2012by mdesrochfiled under UncategorizedThe pitch for the Affordable Adventure App did not take extensive planning. The product is solving a clear problem (budgeting in city travel) for a clear target market (tourist families and young individual travellers).

Using that information as a base, my group then needed to decide how to explain the functions, profitability, demand, and the feasibility of the Affordable Adventure App. This was pretty straight forward by starting with the overall function and then narrowing into details such as the different options the app provides such as all the different cities, types of transportation available, and weighted attributes.


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