This students missed the dealine of their assignment.

This is a thing that has been around for many years and it is called assignment. It is an out of class activity assigned to students as an elaboration of classroom work and it depends on the given task if students spend hours doing it as well as the teachers whom spend hours checking it. In doing a homework, there are chances that one could missed in submitting the assigned task. There are six causes why students missed the dealine of their assignment.

First, the people around them that can be his/her bad influence friends, parents who makes his/her do chores, annoying siblings, and improper giving of directions from teachers. Second, the methods in accomplishing the activity which includes lack of planning, poor prioritization, not being organized, and especially the lack of interest in doing the specific task. Third, the time management of an individual on how to finish a particular homework which includes the manana habit or procastination, and wasting time on carrying out other things so he/she will be doing it late at night.

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Fourth, the tools he/she have which includes gadgets as well as having no paper, books, writing tools, and internet connection. Fifth, the environment where he/she does his/her assignment which can be in a crowded place, he/she can be easily distracted by the noise or the weather but it is best to have one’s comfortability to accomplished the task. Lastly, having personal issues can also be the cause of missing the deadline such as health problems, difficulty in understanding the given topics, tardiness, and family problems.


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