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This is great opportunity to become a competent educator with a Diploma in a relatively short time as long as I am willing to do the work. I expect this course to equip me with the qualities of a good teacher, increase my knowledge about grammar and generally how I need to conduct myself in the classroom. Mostly I am looking forward to learning the practical ways of presenting myself in front of a class. I might be good at shining light on different areas of grammar to students and make them look at the English language from another point of view. Patience is a virtue for a teacher, but I have a hard time with children misbehaving in my class. I am very efficient in putting together a curriculum, planning classes, different visual aides and games.

My only concern is, if I shall have enough time to study for this course, that is why I choose part time course, giving myself a bit more room.I’d like to get experience as an English teacher, maybe open my own language school soon.Most important for a teacher to see, that it’s a long way of learning and that she or he has to study the student too. Of course, patience, drive, not being afraid of failure, ability to say “I was wrong”. Having travelled the world as an adult, after I studied English in school, I understand the difficulties of learning a new language, meeting people whose accent is hard to recognise.

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I am grateful I had the opportunity to use my English with many nationalities, learned about dialects. I also teach my children English, it is something we use everyday.Most important when it comes to studying is to be diligent and open-minded, use English outside the classroom too. I am looking for an institute where I can better myself and be a greater use in the job market and future students.


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