This is not my first time studying in

This is not my first time studying in the Unites States.

My first time in the US was as a high school exchange studentin Indianapolis, during the 2004/2005 academic year. Upon my return to my home country Ghana, I had friendsfrom Indianapolis come visit me two different summers and spent one summer on a rural mission trip in Ghanawith a team of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (USA) students. I honestly believed that I had pretty much figuredout American society and culture. I said to myself, “Come on-it’s Iowa! It’s still the Midwest and it’s much smallerthan Indianapolis.” (At that point I was convinced I had a comprehensive understanding of the varying cultures ofAmerica based on geographical regions).I was however not mindful of two key things-one, that graduate school is a world away from high school (though Isometimes do feel like I am in high school with all these assignments) and two, that seven years is a long enoughtime to lose touch with a culture you were immersed in for only ten months.

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My first day in Iowa City was wonderful. I had found a church family prior to arriving-O


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