This is where the story

This is where the story ends. The time in your life where you dont know what to say to someone else. You just want to make something right but all you do is make things worse. There seems to be no way out of the story ending so soon. You feel that the only way to fix things is to end the story yourself.

But then, if you do so, you will have to live with this guilt that you still have unfinished business. You have this yearning on the inside to make things right, but the only way to make things right is to let the other one do it. If you try to do so, the problem will just continue to get bigger. But at the same time, you cannot tell the other person what to do to make things right. They must decide for themselves how to do that and if you give even the slightest bit of indication that you are trying to guide them into a certain decision, then you are back to square one. This is where trust comes in, you must trust them to know how to fix things. You yearn to just get in there and put yourself in the position in which you can fix everything.

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But you know your limits and you know theirs and you wouldn’t want to reach for the impossible. But the impossible is only possible when you believe that the impossible could be possible. But does that make sense? Does just believing that the impossible is achievable when really, the impossible is unachievable, make it achievable?


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