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This issue of sustainability and the built environment is a challenge posed to humanity to disengage economic growth from climate change, living costs, and human health amongst other issues, accordingly, this is a challenge that we resolutely consider that sustainability can aid to resolve. Though countless may view a construction/ building and perceive merely an inanimate structure, I and many who are knowledgeable look at the structure and perceive in cooperation the physicality of said structure inclusive of the method by which it was/ is constructed which presents the prospect to not only save energy, water and carbon emissions but to perform other functions as well such as educating, job creation, the creation of PLACE in communities and the overall improvement of peoples’ health and wellbeing as well as that of the environment etc. Sustainability in the built environment is a catalyst for confronting and tackling most of the issues faced in the world today in order to ensure a better future.Sustainability and the built environment spans a range of other topics that have a connection between the functions/ performance of buildings and infrastructure from an environmental, social and economic standpoint. It includes work on carbon issues, energy efficiency, green roofs, and access, biodiversity, noise and the cost of living.

Architecture and Urbanism are therefore significant role-players in the consumption and distribution of resources in space. In order to sustain ourselves through the many issues faced today such as climate change, resources depletion, waste, over-consumption, diminished human health, and other significant problems, we desperately need to go about designing our infrastructure to complement our cities with the basics of sustainable and justifiable/ equitable carbon footprints. The best route/ direction to take in approaching a sustainable future is to first make the built environment itself sustainable.

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