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This kind of fever is a very hurtful and painful virus. It can be caused from mosquitos down in the lower areas of the United States or in mainly in tropical areas like Taiwan, Mexico, Africa, Southern Asia, Southern China, but two the worst places is in the Uruguay and Argentina área. Most cases that have occured in the U.S. have occurred from people traveling, but the risk in the U.S. is increasing. Mainly on the Texas Mexico border and in the Florida keys. You can get this fever by being bit by a Aedes mosquito that has been infected with this virus. Symptoms of Dengue Fever:Dengue fever can be very painful. Causing you to get a really high temperature or some cases get really bad headaches. You can get some strong pain behind the eyes causing headaches. You can get really bad joint and or muscle aches and pains causing you to be weak or making it hard to do things. This virus can cause you to get sick to your stomach making you vomit. You can get a bad case of skin rashes which will typically show up 2-5 day after your fever. You can get nose bleeds or the roof of your mouth and gums can start bleeding easily or even bruise easily. Sometimes these symptoms are mild though and can be mistaken for flu or something similar to the flu, but young children don’t seem to get affected as bad as what middle aged children or even adults. Sometimes long term problems can develop from this fever like Dengue haemorrhagic fever is caused from a very high fever. Damage to your blood vessels can occur during this. You can get inflamed or enlarged livers. Or one the worse things that can happen to you is that it can shut down your circulatory system. All these symptoms lead to major bleeding, shock and worse casonario death.Treatments for Dengue Fever: There’s not too many things you can do treatment wise for Dengue fever. Mainly drink water and stay hydrated so do you don’t get dehydrated from vomiting or having a high fever sweating all your fluids out. Some of the way to tell if your dehydrated from Dengue fever, decrease in urination, few or no tears, dry mouth or dry lips, or feeling weak and can light headed from do any activity. Some medicines than you can take to reduce the fever or reduce the pain is acetaminophen. Stay away from pain relievers because they can increase bleeding. Like aspirin, motrin, aleve, and others pain relievers that can increase
the chances of bleeding. But if you have a severe case of Dengue fever you may need to go to the hospital and get put on an IV for electrolyte replenish. Or be put on a blood monitoring system.How Dengue Fever is spread:This fever is spread by the bite of aedes mosquito. This occurs when a mosquito bites you and sucks the blood right from your skin and when he is sucking on your skin he can give you disease when he is sucking on your blood. The mosquito that is carrying this disease can give it to just by the bite on your arm. After you get bite the virus can be spread to someone directly. But if the man that got infected from this gets bit by a aedes mosquito that isn’t infected then when that mosquito bites the guy infected it can infect that aedes mosquito. And then goes to bite someone else and gets another guy infected by the dengue fever.Major outbreaks of Dengue Fever:The first major outbreak was August – November 1996. This outbreak occur in India. It was recorded as the largest outbreak of dengue fever in the world. There were about 8200 reported cases and a 4.2% death rating. These outbreaks only really occurred during the rainy season there because mosquitoes will be out when there is a lot of standing water around. How long Dengue Fever last:It depends on how bad you got virus in some very rare cases you can possibly die from it but that’s not too likely anymore because of all things hospitals and stuff can treat you with now these days. But typically it last about 12-14 days. But followed by those 12-14 days you can get some short after symptoms after you’re getting over the worse part of Dengue fever. Then you gotta have about 2-3 days of recovery time so you can get rehydrated and other things that need to recover.


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