This like to mention is that sociopaths

This lack of empathy is why a person could kill someone and feel no remorse. Something to note is that in almost all cases, when you hear in the news about a serial killer, the victims aren’t just simply shoot, rather killed is a rather unorthodox fashion. Another thing I would like to mention is that sociopaths and psychopaths are also set apart by the fact that psychopaths are violent.

Now, I would like to talk about why someone would feel the urge to go out and kill another person. How it usual starts is with the person developing a antisocial personality at a rather young age, usual from a traumatic childhood, along with some genetic anomalies. It isn’t just murderers that are psychopaths, but most violent criminals. I would like to mention that about one percent of the population of the world are fall into the category of psychopaths.

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