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This leadership style means that one person is in charge and this leadership style has been seen a lot in a dictatorship, this is because the one person has all control and power of the country and it means that they don’t take any advice. The leader will also, monitor the group because, they need to see what people in the group are doing. One advantage of this style is that businesses will not be able to monopolise in the market because, the government will be able to control all markets. However, there are many negatives to this style of leadership because it means that because the one person will be controlling everything that goes on within that country, this is obviously hugely negative because it means people aren’t free to make their own choices. Also, the leaders won’t consult the members of their team because they may feel they know better and this is a disadvantage because it means they will possibly make the wrong decisions. Another advantage of this style of leadership is that when in a small group this style is useful because one leader will get the team to work together, and they can help with the lack of organisation. An example of this is when Hitler was in charge of Germany and he led the Nazi party, this shows that this leadership style is where a dictator can be made.


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