This colored streaks coming from the lanterns

This painting is of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. The complex scenery of bridges and channels, the quiet splash of oars from gondolas, and the calm surface of the water reflecting the city makes Venice a great canvas for an artist. This painting demonstrates that Leonid Afremov admired Venice because it was intriguing and beautiful to him using his brilliant colors. The first thing I notice when looking at this painting is the amazing amount of light and colors.

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The light reflects in the dark channel in long multi colored streaks coming from the lanterns trembling in the light breeze. Parked next to each other at the welcoming pier, the exquisitely painted gondolas are calmly swaying on gentle waves. The houses seem to be sleeping too, showing no signs of life, but the houses look warm and sophisticated as if made of gold because they are illuminated by the pier lights. Afremov covered the sky with varied strokes of paint using blue, red, orange, purple, green, and yellow to make the piece of art more interesting. The entire view looks dreamy and magical, just as lavish as the colors used by Leonid Afremov to create this magnificent piece of art.Afremov used many details in his art to send messages to his viewers.

I believe that he wanted to show the viewers of the painting the beauty and tranquility of Venice, Italy. The city does not look as though it is under any stress, it looks calm and relaxed. When I look see this painting, it makes me want to visit Venice and row a gondola down the canal.It took a lot of commitment to put so many features in this detailed work of art. The exquisite details that Afremov demonstrated in his painting clearly shows how much Italy and its canals fascinate him. He made the gorgeous cityscape of Venice more appealing and interesting from his choice of colors and objects.

The calm city with the features offered by Afremov makes Venice look more appealing.Because of all the passion Afremov put into his art, his viewers may also want to travel to Italy. Leonid Afremov took a tranquil scenery and made it come to life using his wide palette of imagination and his love for Italy. I loved analyzing this painting and I think Afremov really brought the Venice Grand Canal to life using amazing details.


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